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Rugby coaching in Bideford 

Rugby coaching for children between the ages of 3 - 13 years old in Bideford. Contact Learnpro today for more information.

Rugby coaching at Learnpro

Learnpro offers fully qualified rugby coaching for ages from 3 - 13 years old. Our classes are based on teaching the foundation, through to intermediate skills needed to play rugby. Amelia Dennis will carry out all sessions, providing insight and skills learnt while playing at different levels of rugby throughout her career, ultimately playing at clubs such as Exeter Chiefs. All our sessions will be touch or tag style to protect your child from the impact aspect of playing. Sessions will be held either at the local rugby club or on the beautiful beaches of Bideford. While at our classes, alongside the benefits of learning teamwork and engaging in exercise, your child will develop all the skills needed to progress into playing rugby at a competitive level. We cover the playing skills and take time to teach the theory and the tactics behind rugby, giving your child a comprehensive learning experience while developing the many aspects of the field abilities needed to compete.

What we teach at Learnpro

  • Passing

  • Kicking

  • Scrum - theory

  • Line-outs - theory

  • Tactical play

  • Fitness

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Learning with a view

All our sessions will be carried out at the local rugby club, giving the surrounding and atmosphere or an authentic rugby experience. We will also carry out our sessions on Bideford beaches. Not only does this offer beautiful scenery and fresh sea air, but there are also many other benefits of exercising on a beach.

  • Improves running technique

  • Soft landing 

  • Increases cardio workout

  • Builds your strength, stabilizing muscles and coordination

  • Develops different muscles than turf

  • Relaxing environment 

For rugby coaching in Bideford, Call Learnpro on 07548 856755